Why So Mad Eggward?

I went to collect the eggs today and there were some, and as soon as I opened the door Eggward came up to stop me because she was getting broody (she wants to sit on the eggs and wait for them to hatch (you need to have a rooster to have chicks)). I could tell she was mad because she was squatting and standing up again and squatting and standing up again. After that she was very stubborn about be coming towards her.

Eat Tico!

Yesterday I went to give the chickens some apple cores and tomato. I through it in and they all went out to eat, except for Tico. She staid in the run waiting for me to give her something else. I went to the back door and she went to the very end of the coop to get as close to me as she could but she just staid there and I went inside. I don’t know why she wouldn’t go and get some but whatever! 😛

Come Here Diggy!!!

I let the chickens out for a while and when I put them away, Diggy wouldn’t come, like always. I went to get her but when I got there she started to walk towards the fence, and then stopped and started digging.  I tried to get her but she started running, as soon as she starts running I stop. And when I stop she stops. And we just keep going and going down the garden until we got to the fence. then I had to stay still close to her and then try to pick her up really fast. I got her and took her over to the gate and got her in with the others and the almost gone treats. I don’t know why she made it so hard that time…

Oh Diggy…

I let them out yesterday, and there was snow. All of them went out into the snow and to the end of the yard that had no snow. Except for Diggy. She was just standing inside the run watching her sisters eat worms. I tried to get her but she just ran under the coop so I couldn’t reach her. I opened the run door closest to the house and she came out (because there wasn’t snow there) and  I tried to chase to the yard but as soon as she got to the yard, she turned around and went back to the run. We kept doing this for a while but eventually I got her and brought her across the yard so she wouldn’t have to touch the snow. When I put them away she wouldn’t come back. So I had to go get her and give her treats because I picked her up twice. And got her into the run. She was really stubborn. She is always the one out in the cold rain by her self getting soaked. But she just doesn’t like snow.


Feb. 6, 2014


Yesterday I went to take the compost out and there was a really really high pitch chicken. I turned around to see who it was and Diggy was quacking really really high pitch. I don’t know why but every once in a while she does that. Not sure if it is because she is tired or what… Cause normally she is the lowest pitch.


Feb. 2, 2014


OK, For the past week Omelette has been molting. SHE IS SO LATE! Remember when I was talking about Rosy molting? that was before Dec. WHY OMELETTE? She looks really ugly right now (compared to the others!).



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          |\_/          >


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It would look better it just doesn’t here…..
Jan. 28, 2014


Today I went to give the chickens some grapes, kale, and the mother (a thing that ferments tea and makes it all yummy). They didn’t even look at the mother and just went for the grapes. Tico went and got one and ran away from the others. She went behind the compost bin to eat but Rosy came in on the other side, and chickens don’t like to back up and they aren’t good at it. So Rosy got the grape. At that point there was only one grape left. and Rosy was trying to get it off the stem. So I went and pushed her away and got the grape. I tried to give it to Tico but she just ran (I don’t know why). She went in the run where no one was and was safe from me…? I through in the grape and she ate it as fast as she could while she could.


Jan. 13, 2014