More about Yeager and Stephen

Stephen and Yeager are the most mischievous chickens we have. They like to run up to the house but we don’t like them to do that because they poop everywhere. I stop Stephen and Yeager from coming on to the driveway so they don’t poop on it, and then they walk away and I look away for 5 seconds and they are sprinting over to the house. For some reason they know if I am looking or not. One time I had them out and the mail man came. He went to the door and Stephen and Yeager sprinted up to him. I have no idea why they wanted to see him. After the time that the chickens were attacked (Click HERE to see the post. It is in the second paragraph) they were all scared and hiding under their tree. The day after they were attacked some friends came over and the chickens all came out and were totally fine and Stephen and Yeager wanted to visit them. They just followed them around. I had no idea that they liked to see new people like that. But after they left, they went and hid again.

IMG_0825 IMG_1016

Today when I had the chickens out they went under a shelter. It wasn’t raining but for some reason they wanted to be under there. Whenever I go up to the house they would follow me. Since they were under the shelter and couldn’t see me I snuck up to the house to grab something. But Stephen and Yeager still saw me. They came running and flying up to see me. I didn’t want then to follow me but they did. Later they all went on to the driveway because it was a bit sunny over there. They all ruffled their feathers and just stood around in the sun. Eventually Stephen and Yeager got sick of it, and ran down the driveway to the road. It took a while for me and my 8 year old sister, Annika, to get them to stop and go back up into the yard. After a while they went up to the front of the house in the little garden area to have a dust bath. They stayed there for 20-25 minutes. I stood there waiting for them to finish dusting and that never happened. I had to stop them and put them into their area again because they had been out for a while.