New chicks!! so cute :D

On May 21, we got two new chicks! We named them Stephen and Yeager.IMG_1924

We put these 2 or 3 day old little girl chickens into a big plastic bin for their home… lol. At first Yeager was pecking Stephen’s eye and so we had to separate them. Which neither Stephen or Yeager. We put the food and water in the middle of the bin and cut a wire mesh to fit around them and that is how we separated them. Quickly Yeager squeezed through in between the water dish and the wire mesh to get to Stephen so we had to add some cardboard to make it a tighter squeeze  in between the water and the mesh. We had to go out of the house so we had to hope that what we had done was good enough. Of course when we got back they were together. They weren’t pecking each other anymore though. We took out the separating mesh after that. A couple days later they started jumping up onto the water holder. Our first chickens didn’t do that until they were a few weeks old. -July 29 2015

We started to take them outside a few weeks later. Let them out of their cage and eat some grass, and also interact with the other chickens, they were separated but they could still see each other. Pretty soon after that, we were going to florida, so we had to try to get the chickens to be friends. We let them out into the yard all together, and Legolas walked over to the chicks, and ripped some feathers out. They didn’t stay out together for very long. Since we were going to florida, we had to make sure that Stephen and Yeager had enough space. We split the coop in half with wire mesh, and then put some in the run as well. They had plenty of space. When we got to florida, we checked the chicken cameras, and we couldn’t find Stephen and Yeager on them, all we could see, was that the wire mesh was shaking. My dad called a friend to see if they could check on them, and so he went and checked. They had jumped over the 5.5 foot wire mesh, they just needed to be with the others. Our friend put them on the right side again, and then extended the mesh taller. He walked away for a bit, and then came back, and they were on top of the mesh. He said it looked like they were grinning at him. So at that point we just let them be together, since they were so desperate. When we got back from florida two weeks later, they were still alive, so whatever. Now (December 2015) they are very mischief. We have moved to a bigger property (five acres) and they have lots of space to run around. But they don’t care, hang around the house and poop everywhere. Yeager is very attached to Stephen, and hates to be without her. Sometimes Stephen will walk away from Yeager, and Yeager will jump/fly over to her (up to 25 feet :O) and they are chickens! They aren’t supposed to fly…