Omelette is very friendly!

Today I went to see the chickens and let them out for a bit. They all came on my lap once. So I went to get Rosy on my shoulder and she did just fine. Then Eggward wanted treats so she jumped on to my head and scared Rosy and Rosy got scared and jumped off, and then Eggward got scared and jumped. Then I went to get a chicken on my arm and normally Omelette gets on. She did after a while but it took some time. Omelette is trained more than the others so she is okay with being pet and she likes to stay on your lap or arm. So when I tried to get her off she didn’t get off. I squatted so she could easily get down, but she didn’t. I put the treats over my lap away from her and she just got on to my lap and got the treats, I couldn’t put the treats down because of all the other chickens, so it was very hard. I slowly moved the treats to the right away from her and she fell in between my legs.


Apr. 8, 2014