Poopey Diggy’s butt….

For a while it had been bugging me that Diggy hat poo all over her butt and all of her fluff (butt feathers) was being pulled away from her but so she had a big bare spot. So I got my dad to clean her last week and we did. We got a bucket and filled it with warm water and got Diggy and put her in the bucket and she wasn’t happy at first. I was holding Diggy’s wings down as my dad cleaned her butt (with gloves) and after a while she was calm and I loosened her wings and she jumped out. It was hard to catch her again but I got her. This time she was more okay with it and seemed very calm. After we were done she jumped out and started to groom her feathers into the right spot. It was hard for her to do it. I put them away and left. The next day I went to see her and her butt and it looked normal.

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