Today was Stephen and Yeager’s first snow day! (was the second day sort of. There was another day with snow but it only stayed for a little while.) All of the chickens seemed to be totally fine with walking around in it, except Legolas and Tico did not like it at all. Rosy likes to eat the snow and frost. and Diggy just follows Stephen and Yeager around. All of them accept Stephen and Yeager go and hide under areas without snow and stay there the whole time I let them out into the snow. Stephen and Yeager run around doing whatever they feel like at the time. Stephen and Yeager are kind of random. Stephen and Yeager came over to me and squawked for a bit, so I would squat  down and pet them and then they would wonder off. Stephen and Yeager are so random.


Above: Stephen in the snow.



On a previous day I was out with the chickens, everything was normal. I was with three of the chickens, Rosy, Stephen and Yeager. The other chickens, Diggy, Legolas and Tico were just around the corner dusting in the dirt. Suddenly Yeager and Stephen flinched and froze. Then Yeager went to hid under a tree. I looked around in the sky looking for a bird that they might have seen flying far above them, and there wasn’t any that I could see. Then I went around the corner of the house and there was a large bird amongst them. As soon as the bird saw me it flew away, and then Legolas freaked out and I had no idea where she went. And Stephen and Rosy went and hid under the same tree as Yeager. My mom came out because she heard the the chickens squawking, and I told her what had happened and she helped me look for Legolas. After a while I saw the bird go from one tree to the tree that Yeager, Stephen and Rosy had gone under. I didn’t realize that what it was doing because I was worried about Legolas. After that happened Stephen, Yeager and Rosy came flying out from the tree squawking loudly. Then Yeager went and hid and I couldn’t find her either. After a few minutes of looking for them, Yeager came out from the bushes, and she was fine. I kept looking for Legolas and eventually found her tale sticking out from one of the dense bushes. She was hard to get out, and she was shivering and scared. Eventually we got her out and she was fine and they all went back to their run and hid under their tree.

-January 6 2015


Before all of this I let them out once, and a bird came down to the chickens. Everything was normal, I was following 3 of the chickens and the other three were around the corner of the house. Then the three I was with flinched and froze. I stood there for a while looking around for a bird flying around (because they do this sometimes when there is a bird far above them) and there wasn’t. I went around the corner of the house to check on the other ones when there was a loud squawk. I saw a bird about the same size as them standing there and it flew away as soon as it saw me. Stephen, Yeager and Rosy ran under a big tree. I found all of the chickens except for one, Legolas. My Mom came out because she heard them squawking, and helped me look for Legolas. I saw the bird fly over to the tree, but I didn’t realize that it was the tree that Stephen, Yeager and Rosy were under. Later Stephen, Yeager and Rosy came flying out from the tree. Then I lost Yeager because she was hiding. I found Legolas after a long time and she was under a bush hiding. I could barely see her. They were all fine in the end, just scared.